One day last summer, I was driving down the freeway with my family when I saw a strip of tire tread straight ahead of me. I couldn’t have stopped, and swerving would have been even more disastrous. The only thing I could do was drive over it. As soon as I did, I listened for telltale signs of problems. Thinking through the physics of the situation (a heavy, firm minivan vs. the pliable tire tread) I continued the short distance to home and examined the underside of my car. As an added precaution, I took my car to a mechanic friend and asked if he could also check for me. Fortunately, there was no damage.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes as we go through life, small accidents will happen. When they do, never be afraid to take a few minutes and check things out. And checking with an expert is also a good idea. Oftentimes, if we take a little time, it can help us…

Be Safe!

Keith S.