In December 2013, I underwent a very long surgery.  My arm was in the wrong position for too long and when I woke up I had paralysis in my right arm.  Over the last 15 months, that has been slowly healing to where now I can do some handwriting and I’m even (slowly) typing.  Since I haven’t regained all the feeling in my right hand, there are still a few things I don’t dare try just yet.  First and foremost is shaving.  I’m leery of having a razor in my right hand so near my throat when I don’t feel I have full control of the razor.  Perhaps someday I’ll have the feeling back and it will feel natural again.  For now, I shave with my left hand.

Everyone has limitations, be it training needed or some other reason.  Keep your limitations in mind as your plan your tasks and projects.  Get expertise when necessary, make adjustments where you can, or take extra time as needed, but always …

Be Safe!

Keith S.