In late 2013, I received a life-saving organ transplant.  I recently worked the story of my surgery and recovery into a short speech.  I included a few jokes, and last weekend I participated in a speech contest against others from the surrounding areas.  (This is one of my jokes:  “A couple of days after surgery, the surgeon said flatulence was an early sign of recovery.  I had never tried so hard to pass gas in my life!”)

I lost the contest.  (It may be coincidence, but the winner told about his near-fatal heart problem.)  I had spent many hours practicing and refining my information so I’d stay in the time limit.  I’m not overly disappointed with not winning because my main purpose was to use the contest to encourage others to become organ donors.  

What’s the safety tie-in?  Safety is not a win-lose contest.  In my opinion, you are a success as long as you take the time, prepare properly are truly trying to …

Be Safe!