I ran into a coworker over the weekend while he had a grandchild sitting on his shoulders, and I just couldn’t resist using my smartphone to snap a picture.  I also joked that I could use the photo for my tidbit, maybe saying “hold on tight.”  As you notice, I didn’t include a photo.  One reason is that, since the first of the year, I’ve been posting these tidbits on this blog each week.  Since I’m not the “social media” type, I don’t want to post the picture online without his approval.  And I’m also considering the strangers in the background.

What’s the tie-in?  Sometimes safety is presented as an individual benefit – “I need to be safe.”  We should also look at how our safety (or lack of it) will influence or impact the team, the company, the family, or even “innocent bystanders.”  For yourself, yes, always be safe.  But also consider others, and for the sake of everyone, please …

Be Safe!