The tidbit last week was about boating and life jackets. I found the following quiz in the information from the Coast Guard, and decided to use it as my tidbit this week.
1. How often should life jackets be tested for proper fit and buoyancy?

A: Every year.

2. How many life jackets are boaters required to have on their boat?

A: One for every person.

3. True or False, life jackets come in only one size and shape?

A: FALSE! Life Jackets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials.

4. True or False, life jackets can make it harder to swim if you capsize?

A: FALSE! 84 percent of those who drown, while boating, are not wearing a life jacket.

5. At what age can boaters use inflatable life jackets as an alternative to an inherently buoyant life jacket?

A: 16 years old

Even though I’m not a boater, I thought I knew the basics, but I picked up on a few things from this little quiz. I guess all of us can learn a little something more that will help us …

Be Safe!
Keith S.