Sometimes I get replies to my emails that inspire a tidbit. The following was sent to me last month by one of my coworkers:

“When I was doing various chores yesterday after work, the afternoon was getting towards evening, so I was in a hurry to get home and mow the lawn before the rain started to come in the next few days, and also still have enough light to mow. So, while mowing the lawn the upper part of the bag had an open spot where the grass could shoot out from there. It wasn’t a problem until I got about a third of the lawn completed when something flew up and into my eye. I was luckily able to run inside and immediately flush whatever it was out to not cause any permanent damage. But this certainly is a reminder to those using mowers, or any power tools to use the proper eye and ear protection!”
I’ll add that, not only using PPE, but also ensuring our equipment is well maintained can help us …

Be Safe!