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I work as a civilian on a military base, where change of leadership (command) is officially conducted with a change of command ceremony. Last month we officially bid farewell to one colonel and welcomed another to my organization. At that time, I took the opportunity to personally say a few words to each officer. But I also wanted to use this forum to welcome my new commander and wish him a successful and safe tour. Between distractions, procrastinations, and my memory, this is the first chance that I’ve been able to do that. Hopefully I’m not too late, and the he welcomes my belated greeting.

What’s the safety tie-in? The only time it’s “too late” to be safe is after an accident. If you realize you’re going too fast, safely slow down. If you’re missing some PPE, safely take a break and put it on. While you still have time, take the time to…

Be Safe!

Keith S.