Earlier this summer, I almost saw an accident while standing near a busy six-lane intersection.  I was watching traffic when I saw (and heard) a sports sedan pass by.  I think it may have been going a little too fast, hoping to beat a red light.  Just as that car passed through the intersection, another car pulled out from a parking lot and, instead of turning into the nearest lane, it pulled into the middle lane where the sedan was speeding along.  Fortunately, a split second before impact, the sedan swerved and missed the second car.  Was the second driver watching the traffic lights and not the traffic?  Had there been an accident, I wonder who would have been cited?  From my perspective, both drivers could have been more cautious.

We never know when someone else will make a mistake or use poor judgment.  That’s even more reason to always try to…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele