There was a time when I had to use a smart card (with an imbedded chip) and enter a password in order to use the computers at work.  As part of the network security, there were limits on how many times I could enter the wrong password before the card would be “locked” and I’d have to jump through bureaucratic hoops before I could use a computer again.  Since I’ve got many passwords, a bad memory and some paralysis in my right hand, I was prone to fat-fingering my password.  One day I saw a warning that I was only two more wrong entries before I’d be locked out.  After that, I always took it slow and somehow went about three weeks or more without another warning.

Here’s the safety tie-in.  When we know that something could go wrong, we take extra precautions to reduce the chance for accidents.  Unfortunately, we don’t always have that warning – or sometimes ignore them.  That’s why we should always be prepared for something to go wrong.  We need to always take the time necessary to…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele