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I recently saw a presentation about using gestures in public speaking.  As I listened, I noticed the presenter was missing a finger on his left hand, where his wedding band would have been.  After the meeting, I had a chance to talk to John (not his real name), and this is what I learned.
Years ago, John had a job where he’d remove his wedding band as a safety precaution.  It was his habit to not wear his ring at work.  One year, during the Christmas holidays, he decided to wear his wedding band for a few days.  Unfortunately, he failed to remove his ring after the holidays, and he lost his finger in a work accident.
We are creatures of habit.  (My wife made the comparison to autopilot.)  Sometimes those habits will change, either out of necessity or choice. I think this week I’ll make a suggestion.  Take some time and review your habits.  Look specifically for changes you can make that will help you …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele