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This morning I asked my wife for a suggestion for my tidbit. Here’s our conversation.
“What about that stop sign you ran the other day?” She asked.
“I try to use other people’s examples, not mine.” I answered. “Besides, I could see that there wasn’t any traffic coming, and I was going slow, so I didn’t do anything unsafe. It was just illegal.”
“I’d like to see you work that up into a tidbit,” She challenged.
I’m rationalizing. The truth is that we had just left our house and I wanted to get around a corner, pull over and check my smart phone map for our destination. I had a few too many things on my mind, but with our conversation and the stress of the situation, I only did two of the three things right.
1) I was going at a safe speed,
2) I checked for oncoming traffic,
3) I was distracted and I didn’t stop.
I admit that I’m not perfect, that I do make mistakes. But I try to learn from my mistakes and use those experiences so that in the future I will…

Be Safe!
Keith Steele