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One morning last winter, I was getting out of my car before work.  I’ve been driving for decades, so this was very much a habit.  As I put my weight on my left foot, it went shooting out from under me and I somehow managed to catch myself between the car door and the car seat.  The only thing that got hurt was my pride.  As I think back, there wasn’t any new snow that morning, but there had been enough time for the snow to get packed, to thaw just enough and freeze so that there was ice on the pavement.  I couldn’t help but thing about how trips, slips and falls are one of the largest causes of accidents, and I was almost another statistic.

There have been a couple of snowstorms where I live, and since winter is just starting, I’m sure there will be more.  That means more ice, that I’ll need to be aware of my surroundings, and I’ll have to change my habits so I can…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele