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I enjoy audiobooks.  There’s one trilogy that I enjoy, that I’ve listened to several times.  Since these books have been made into movies, and since a movie from this series is in the theaters, I’m listening to the books again before I go see the movie.  I found that since I know the story, I can use a faster playback and “speed” through the story.  I’ve also found that if I get distracted or let my mind wander, I often will go back and listen again to catch a detail that I missed.  All I lose is a little time.

There are some activities that I always do at a safe speed, regardless of how many times I’ve done them.  I’ll use the example of going down the stairs, although I could use many others.  If I miss a step, just going back to that step again can’t remedy any pain I may have received from a fall.  I also make it a point to always hold the railing as I use the steps (and I know this sounds like a cliché) just to…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele