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Once many years ago, I was with my family at a museum, which was near some road construction on a freeway.  While walking around outside, I heard the unmistakable sound of a car accident.  I looked toward the freeway and saw a trail of dust near an on-ramp.  I headed in that direction, thinking there was a chance I might be able to help.  While still some distance away, I changed my mind for two reasons.  First, I heard a man call out to the others that were gathering that he was a nurse.  Second, I saw the driver hanging out the door in an unnatural position.  I knew all I could do was interfere with others, so I turned around and went back to my family.  Needless to say, I was a little shaken.

I later read in the newspaper that the driver (the only person in the car) had hit something in the road which had caused her to lose control.  I also remember reading that her car had an automatic shoulder belt, but she hadn’t fastened her lap belt.

At that time, my car had a that same seat belt design.  I would sometimes think how easy it would be to just wear the automatic shoulder strap so it would appear that I was buckled in, but I never did.  Now, whenever I think of that day, I know that it takes more than appearance to …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele