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Earlier today I was driving on a country road when I noticed another car was close behind me.  I was driving the 40 MPH speed limit, plus a little, so I was surprised when the other driver decided to pass me.  There wasn’t any oncoming traffic, and the other driver executed the pass safely – with the exception of exceeding the speed limit.  I followed the other car for about a mile, when the driver turned off the road.  I calculated that, by passing me, the other driver saved 20 seconds at the most.

There are so many factors to consider when passing another vehicle, which for me, always makes passing stressful.  In this situation, I think I would have slowed down a bit and accepted that I’d be looking at another bumper/tailgate/trunk for a few minutes.  It may have taken me a minute longer, and I may have not enjoyed looking at the other car, but I would …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele