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Years ago, I borrowed a car for a few days.  As the owner gave me his keys, he told me that the horn didn’t work.  That wasn’t a problem for 99.99% of the time.  However, as I was zooming down the freeway, I was in the blind spot of a semi-truck.  When the truck driver started to change lanes – into my lane – I started to panic.  Luckily, he saw me in his mirror before I became a statistic.

What if he hadn’t looked soon enough?  Maybe I’d have been forced off the road, or maybe I would have had been in an accident.  If my horn had worked, I could have warned him that I was there.  Nonetheless, I’m thankful that he checked his mirrors as he started changing lanes.  Still, if my horn had worked, it would have been an extra tool to help both of us…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele