When possible, I write my tidbits each Tuesday morning (or at least as early as I can) so I can post them in a timely manner.  Yesterday, I got busy with voting, errands, work and other distractions.  When I got home, my son had the TV on a news channel, watching the election results.  I thought I’d watch enough of the election returns to get a feel of things, then work on my tidbit while the news was playing in the background.  It didn’t happen.  Now for the first time in months, I’m writing and posting my tidbit a day late.

Here’s the safety tie-in.  By procrastinating this tidbit, the most damage is to my reputation and that I’ve inconvenienced my faithful readers.  But when we’re distracted in a hazardous situation, there can be serious results.  One example out of many is distracted driving.  A distraction of a short second in busy traffic while reaching for a soda can result in a fender bender – or worse.

I apologize for being late.  But hopefully this can be a good example to help everyone …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele