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One day when I was in college, I needed to use a restroom.  I knew where a restroom was, and when I saw a sign for the men’s room I quickly entered.  As soon as I entered, I could tell it didn’t look right.  I exited more quickly than I’d entered and took a closer look at the sign.  Someone had altered the sign for the women’s restroom so at a quick glance it looked like a sign for a men’s restroom.  Fortunately for me, the room was empty and nobody saw me enter.  Soon after, they had new restroom signs in that building that couldn’t easily be altered.

There are several ways I can connect this to safety, such as stay alert (I was very tired that day), pay attention to your surroundings and situation, and always try to correct a mistake as soon as possible.  Perhaps the greatest lesson is this.  Never mess with a safety sign or markings.  My situation was simply embarrassing, but altering a safety sign or removing safety markings could result in injury.  I know almost all people are honorable, so if you ever see an altered sign, let the “officials” know so it can be corrected.  It will help you and others to …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele