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This morning I’m home sick with a head cold.  Ever since I had transplant surgery three years ago, and since I’m immunosuppressed, I get sick more easily than before.  Right now I’m wondering who I caught this cold from.  Was it someone at work?  Did I catch it while I was out shopping?  Whoever gave me this cold probably didn’t realize how susceptible I am to illnesses, not realizing how his or her decision to go out in public would affect someone else – me!  I’m staying home for two reasons.  First, because I feel like crap.  Second, I don’t want anyone else to catch this cold.  (Oh, no!  My wife is starting to sniffle!)

Here’s the safety tie-in.  Our unsafe actions can also have an impact on others.  Speeding or weaving in traffic can cause others to react poorly.  Failure to clean up a mess may result in someone else being injured.  I shouldn’t need to spell out the dangers of horseplay at work.  Yes, we do tend to focus on personal safety, but we also need to be careful so others can…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele

P.S.  I’ve been posting these tidbits on Tuesday, but starting in January I’ll (try) to get them online each Monday.