Have you noticed how safety has become integrated into our daily lives?  What would you think if, every time you went to put gas in your car, there was a small-but-realistic chance of it catching fire?  What if every time you turned on a light switch, you felt a strong electric shock?  When the railroad was “new technology,” men applying for certain railroad jobs were asked to hold out their hands.  Gnarled and injured hands indicated an experienced applicant.  In the railroads and many industries, there was a time it was thought to be more cost effective to replace injured employees that to provide a safe work place.  In the many decades since, society has made great strides in providing safe working and living environments.

So many safety features are engineered into and integrated into every aspect of our life that, to a large degree, our safety has become automatic.  But that doesn’t remove our individual obligation to safety.  While there is a vast amount of good engineering to help, it’s still up to us—individually in our every action—to use those features and do all we can to…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele

P.S.  Starting next week, I’ll (usually) be posting my tidbits on Mondays.  Thanks!