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For most of my life, I’ve been overweight.  Only once did I feel that I needed to gain weight, and that was during recover from transplant surgery.  However, that wasn’t a permanent solution and now I’m back to where I need to shed a few pounds.  There are a few things that I’m doing right.  I’ve stopped buying a candy bar at the grocery store checkout.  I take smaller portions of food and I’m satisfied with having enough, instead of eating all I want.  But I know I’ve got a few specific habits I need to break.  I shouldn’t be so eager to help my wife finish her hamburger and fries when she’s done.  I need to stop going to the pantry for one more piece of chocolate, or grabbing a treat as I pass “the stash.”  I want to keep my water bottle full and drink more water.

Here’s the safety tie-in.  I bet every one of us has bad habit we can give up to improve our safety.  Do you speed and swerve in and out of traffic?  Do you wear your PPE at work – and at home?  Do you wear reflective clothing when you go for a walk in the dark?  Do you properly stretch and warm up before physical activities or playing sports?  Do you get enough rest to be able to stay focused?  This weekend we celebrated the New Year, which traditionally brings New Year’s resolutions.  I encourage everyone to start with one small area where they can make a change, one area to improve in.  Take a moment and select one small thing (make a resolution) that you can do to …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele