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Last week, during a snowstorm, I needed to run some errands which took me on a divided highway.  As I approached one intersection, the “prepare to stop” sign started to flash.  I engaged my brakes, and I started to slide.  Hearing my anti-lock brakes kick in, I knew things weren’t going well.  I tried working the brakes, which helped me keep from sliding off the road, but I could tell I wasn’t going to be able to stop in time.  I also started watching the car that was coming into the intersection.  By the law, I ran a red light, but I had done the best I could under the circumstances.  The other driver must have been watching me, and I’m glad.  The other driver gave me lots of room and we both made it through the intersection without incident.

Whenever the conditions aren’t ideal, everyone needs to be alert, focused, and take the extra effort to…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele