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I live in what I’ll call a “mixed use” neighborhood, which includes small pastures and some horses.  Recently, while walking the dog, I heard a soft, low neigh from a horse.  I turned to see a horse against a fence.  Just this side of the fence were a few bales of hay.  I quickly realized the horse was hoping I’d feed him.  It may have been convenient (to the horse) for me to throw it a few handfuls of hay, and it probably would have done no harm, but it wasn’t my horse and I was not going to take a chance.

Here’s the safety tie-in.  You may encounter situations where someone asks you to something unsafe.  It happened to me once when a coworker wanted me to use a forklift as an oversized stepstool.  Since I didn’t oblige my coworker, I’ll never know if the outcome would have been good or bad.  I do know that if I’d done that once, it would have been easier to do it again.  I firmly believe that it’s better to never start a questionable activity, and to always stick with the rules of safety.  That way, you and I will always …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele