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Outside the breakroom at work, there’s a sign that reads, “Safety Is No Accident!”  When I read that sign, I think of two ways the phrase “no accident” can be interpreted.  The first is to have an absence of unintentional events that cause harm or damage.  The second is that “no accident” indicates that there was planning and a definite effort that results in a safe environment.  While it’s a given that planning and efforts contribute to accident-free results, I propose that there’s another dimension to this concept, which I’ll call a culture of safety.  Think of it this way.  When we believe and embrace the concept that safe actions are not just a program but a way of life, when we base in our decisions on how safe we’ll be (and not just how fast we can get it done), when we want not only ourselves but also our coworkers to return home in the same condition we came to work in, then we will truly…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele