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A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in my tidbit that I’d gone to a funeral.  That funeral was for my band teacher, who taught me in junior high and in high school.  I remember one time when he was telling us that it wasn’t just enough to practice our music, but that we had to practice it right.  It may have been someone in the trumpet section that meshed this concept with the “practice makes perfect” philosophy and said that if you practice something wrong, then you learn it perfectly wrong.  Forty years later, and I still remember that.

Here’s the safety tie-in.  I think that the safety mindset is not something you can turn on and off.  Most of us don’t practice (as in rehearse) safety just to get it right.  But we do practice (as in live) safety in most of our daily activities.  In that way of thinking, the more we practice doing things in a safe way, and the more we strive for understanding and doing things (practicing) safely, then we will indeed …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele