I’ve been posting these tidbits online for over two years.  I started writing them at work about five years ago, and with the exception of when I was hospitalized or recovering from surgery, I’ve been faithfully writing a tidbit each week.  To the best that I can remember, last week was the first time I’ve completely failed to write.  The reasons were simple – I got busy, and with my bad memory (mixed with a touch of procrastination) I just kept putting it off.  And I’m late writing today.  For my failure, I apologize.  (I should say it will never happen again, but I try to be more realistic than that.)

Here’s the safety tie-in.  Things are going to come up.  There will always be a delay or distraction with what’s going on.  When that happens, miss what you need to, take the time that you have to take, but always do your best to…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele