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At work I recently met Rob and Joe, who came from Detroit to do some training.  One day during a break, we were talking about the local area, including a nearby lake.  After a few minutes, Rob asked me, “Why do you call it the Great Salt Lake?”  I had to stop and think for a moment. Yes, I had been saying it that way.  I answered, “That’s the official name of it.”  (Look at the online maps and that’s what you’ll see.)  Rob either didn’t know what the name of this famous lake, or he’d learned it wrong, and in our conversation he learned something new.

While Rob is more familiar with the Great Lakes, this gave me an idea for a tidbit.  One of the concepts that I learned from Rob is, “You only know the things that people teach you.”  I’d learned the formal name of the lake from news reporters and cartographers (map makers), but probably not in school since I got my education in Idaho.   And here’s the safety tie-in.  You can learn safety both in formal setting, or on your own.  (This tidbit is one of countless online sources for safety information.)  It doesn’t matter how you learn, but always take time to learn to …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele