Right now, I’m waiting for my daughter’s high school graduation to begin, which allows me a chance to reflect and write my tidbit. I had hoped to write and post my tidbit in these few minutes, but I didn’t count on a poor cell signal and an overtaxed wifi. My wife made sure we left early, which proved to be a good idea when we ran into some road construction. As for my daughter, she’s being recognized for her hard work and overcoming some significant challenges the last two years. (Am I boasting? Yes, and please allow me this one indulgence.)

Here’s the safety tie-in. There’s always a chance that something unexpected will happen, so always allow the time you need to be prepared, and recognize when things go right. It may not be a high school graduation, but I think we can appreciate it when we end each day in the same condition we started. It’s the small things that come together to help us…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele