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I was driving over the weekend when my smartphone alarm reminded me to take my medications. I faced a few problems when this happened. First, my alarm was sounding through my Bluetooth hearing aids, so I couldn’t tell where my smartphone was. Second, I was on a rural section of freeway, in the middle of road construction, and the southbound traffic was in the other lane of the northbound side of the freeway. I couldn’t glance at the other seat for fear of drifting into the oncoming traffic. I couldn’t pull over because it would be a safety risk to get back into the traffic at freeway speeds. I decided to first remove my hearing aids to get that sound out of my ear. Second, I decided to take the next exit and find my smartphone, which had fallen to the floor. When all was said and done, it had taken over five minutes.

I’m sorry for the drawn-out story, but here’s the safety tie-in. Things will happen, and when they do, just take the time, evaluate things, and come up with a plan to …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele