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My wife was on the freeway last week and saw an accident in the making.  She was behind a pickup truck, when two cars passed her and the truck, one on each side.  Both cars then tried to change lanes, both moving into the space in front of the pickup.  The pickup driver applied his brakes, as did my wife, both anticipating the worst.  Luckily, the two cars realized what was going to happen and moved back to their lanes before they collided.

Here’s my suggestion. When driving (at 70+ mph or any speed), give yourself lots of room and lots of time.  Had those two cars collided, it would have involved them, the pickup, my wife and I don’t know how many other cars.  True, there wasn’t an accident, but there could have been.  I cannot think of any situation where trying to save a few seconds is worth a possible accident.  Just take the time to …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele