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Earlier this year, my son’s small dog got into the shower right after a shower. I don’t know why, but he found some pleasure in licking the wet shower floor. That’s one habit we didn’t want him to develop. He didn’t like it when we didn’t let him back in. For a few weeks after, he’d stand outside the shower door with that “puppy dog look,” as if he were saying, “But Keith, I’ve done it before!” It was all a matter of training, and now he ignores the shower.

There are good and bad habits, and we can learn good habits, and work to break bad habits.  I recommend everyone take time to think about your habits, and break any habit that presents danger to you and others.  It may be smoking in bed, weaving through freeway traffic, or bypassing safety measures at work.  Just take some time, ask for help if needed, and take time to…

Be Safe!

Keith Steele