A handful of medical procedures over the last few weeks has left my right side aching and my stamina low. At home I’ve found a cane useful for leverage when standing from a low chair, or when I pick something up from the floor. I thought one day I’d take my cane to work and see how much I’d use it. My first stop was at my locker, before going to the break room. I was about to close my cane in my locker when I glanced toward the break room. I’d forgotten just how far away it was. I grabbed my cane and started walking, grateful that I had it.

This may not be the best tie-in I’ve done, but here it goes. When things change, take time to assess the situation and make adjustments where needed. It could be new PPE, new tools, or new equipment. A little time, a little preparation, helps everyone to …

Be Safe!

Keith Steele